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Mythology from “The Bridge”

All that exists, all that ever existed, is energy. Each and every person on each and every plane was created with and from energy: it is the most important element in our lives. In the beginning all of existence consisted of energy in its purest and rawest form. This was chaos, of course. Energy could not survive in this way as it was entirely destructive and without purpose.

Inevitably, the energy began to coalesce into tangible objects, into the elements that make up our world. These elements gravitated towards one another, furthering the process of creation as they came together as planets and stars. In order to maintain the stability of each of these things they each became surrounded by an energy field. Each field is different, some creating vortexes in time, some in space, while others simply keep the peace. Nevertheless, they are there.

Our world was fortunate in that the energy that surrounded it was far more complicated that almost any other. The energy that surrounded our world made it possible for multiple versions of reality, multiple planes, to all exist at the same time and in the same space.